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Company Profile

      Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co., Ltd, a well-known enterprise in testing machines industry as well as a state-level high-tech enterprise in Private Technological Industrial Park, which specialized in R & D, production and sales of testing equipments for metal and nonmetal materials. Our company has a well experienced, strong and large-scale R & D team and is based on high-quality technical personnel. By means of advanced science and technology, strong production capacity and financial support, and we cooperate with many domestic and foreign well-known educational institutions and research institutions closely to make our company be in domestic leading position in research and development of new products.

      Since our company established, we have achieved excellent results in research and development of the series of impact testing machines, low temperature machines, broaching machines, universal testing machines, bending testing machines and other equipments. For example, our company’s specific ultra-low temperature machine and falling impact test low temperature meter, using unique advanced production technology, has the advantages of quick cooling speed, high-precision temperature control and so on. In 2009, this product was awarded to the National Science and Technology Project Award. Power-driven double knives broaching machine (patent number: ZL200820225330.0) is designed and manufactured by a senior team of engineers. This patented equipment has good performance, quick and easy operation and other characteristics. It can satisfy and complete the gap test of different materials. So this product gets high praises from many universities, research institutions, industries of steel, aerospace manufacturing, pressure vessels, wind power and others. In order to give better and more comprehensive service to clients, and to meet the different needs of industries and markets, our company researches and manufactures electric gauge machine. The accuracy and performance of products has been improved from the base of original manual gauge machine, which can save more time and power. At the same time, it obtained the national patent (patent number: ZL200920290420.2).

      Based on the original performance, other equipments are also improved constantly. For example, our company developed the low-temperature automatic impact testing machine. We use advanced technology to enable the steel bar bend testing machine to further meet the needs of steel bar bend test. In the universal testing machine side, we adopt an independent system technology to make our universal machines be in the leading place.


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