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SMT-10/20 Desktop Universal Hydraulic Material Testing Machine


SMT-20 Desktop Universal Hydraulic Material Testing Machine

Usage and characteristics

The small size tabletop hydraulic universal tester is designed for demonstration and student practice use. It is distinguished by its rigid construction, accurate control. Due to its light weight and small shape,MT.2030 can be placed on any position of test bench.

Test operation and data processing meet the following requirements of test method

• DIN 50125 Tensile Test Method

• DIN 50106 Compression Test Method

• Nonmetallic Material Compression Test Method

• DIN 50110 and 52186 Bending Test Method

• DIN 50141 Shear Test Method

• EN 10003 Brinell Hardness Test Method

• Erichsen Cupping Test Method

Main technical parameters

Type: SMT-20; SMT-10

Max.Test Force: 20Kn; 10Kn

Accuracy Class 1 Class

Max. piston st:roke: 54mm

Test Force Measurement Range: 1%-100%FS

Position encoder: 2000 Line

Power supply: 220 V/ 50 Hz

Dimensions (L x W x H): 550 x 350 x 800 mm

Weight: approx. 50kg