Quenching Testing Machine Quenching Testing Machine
Tensile Tester with Environmental Chamber

CMT-10D Computer Control Tensile Tester with High Low Temperature Test Chamber


Ⅰ Name and type of equipment

CMT-10D Microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

Ⅱ Application of equipment

This machine is applied in analysis and research of statics property testing of tensile, compression, bending, cutting, holding and other items of metal and nonmetal material (including composite material). It can achieve ReH, ReL, Rp0.2, Fm, Rt0.5 , Rt0.6, Rt0.65, Rt0.7、Rm, E and other testing parameters automatically and can also do test and provide data according to GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS and other international standards.

Ⅲ Main technical parameters

(1) Measurement parameters

1. Maximum test force: 10KN

2. Accuracy class: 0.5

3. Measuring range of test force: 0.4%~100%FS (full scale)

4. Indicating error of test force: within ±0.5% of indicating value

5. Resolution of test force: ±1/200000 of maximum test force, up to ±1/300000, grade unchanged and resolution unchanged in whole process

6. Deformation measuring range: 0.2%~100%FS

7. Deformation indicating error: within ±0.5% of indicating value

8. Resolution of deformation: 1/200000 of maximum deformation, up to 1/300000

9. Displacement indicating error: within ±0.5% of indicating value

10. Resolution of displacement: 0.025μm

(2)Control Parameters

 1. Tuning range of force control rate: 0.005~5%FS/s

 2. Control accuracy of force control rate:

  When rate is less than 0.05%FS/s, within ±2% of setting value

  When rate is no less than 0.05%FS/s, within ±0.5% of setting value

 3. Tuning range of resolution rate: 0.005~5%FS/s

 4. Control accuracy of resolution rate:

 When rate is less than 0.05%FS/s, within ±2% of setting value

 When rate is no less than 0.05%FS/s, within ±0.5% of setting value

 5. Tuning range of replacement rate: 0.001~200mm/min

 6. Control accuracy of movement rate:

 When rate is less than 0.5mm/min, within ±1% of setting value

 When rate is no less than 0.5mm/min, within ±0.2% of setting value

(3) Other parameters

 1. Effective testing width: 400mm

 2. Effective distance of tensile: 700mm

 3. Size of host: 760×460×1900mm

 4. Electrical source power: 0.75kW, 220V, 50Hz

 5. Weight of host: about 350Kg

High and Low Temperature Testing Chamber   

1. Inside size: 240×380×430 mm

2. Temperature range:-40 ºC~200 ºC  

3. Temperature accuracy: 0.3%

   4. Temperature fluctuation range: ±0.5ºC

   5. Temperature uniformity: ±2ºC

   6. Speed of cooling: 0.7~1 ºC/min

   7. Hollow electric heating glass observation platform

   8. Temperature control: PID automatic temperature control

   9. Material of outside wall: cold-rolled iron sheet spraying

   10. Material of inner wall: stainless steel sheet

   11. Insulation material: antiflaming insulation material

   12. There are electric heating devices on the edge of doorframe and doorplate to prevent condensation and frost formation when processing low temperature test.

   13. Illuminating lamp: one (damp-proof, explosion-proof, locating proper position, outside control switch)

   14. Air conditioning system:

       a temperature control: PID automatic temperature control

       b air circulation device: centrifugal fan

       c manner of heating: nickel-chromium electric heater, forced aeration and inner circulation temperature adjustment

       d manner of air cooling: compressor refrigerating

       e temperature measuring transducer: platinum resistor

       f refrigerating compressor: compressor (CFCs) refrigerating (France Tecumseh hermetic fan cooling)

   15. Tightness and reliability: pipeline of cooling system is welded and tightness is reliable

   16. Devices for safety and protection

       a power supply overload and short-circuit protection

       b refrigerating compressor lack-phrase protection

       c ground connection protection

       d over temperature protection

       e refrigerating machine high and low voltage protection