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Pendulum Semi-auto Impact Tester

JB-300 Manual Impact Testing Machine

JB-300 Manual Impact Testing Machine is used for the measuring the performance of metal material’s resistance in the process of dynamic loading impact, in order to judge the character of the material under dynamic load. 
In accordance with the national standard GB/T3808-2002 "pendulum-type impact test machine", this testing machine has been developed and produced; then according toGB/T229-2007 “metal Charpy notched impact test method”, the metal material has been impact tested, the maximum impact energy is 150J and with one 75J swinging hammer, the specimen cross-section used for the 10 × 10mm; testing machine has a larger impact energy, so mainly for the ferrous metals of larger impact toughness testing, such as iron and steel and their alloys. 
The use of the difference of potential energy between prior  impact and the remaining potential energy, showing the degree on the scale, getting the sample to absorb reactive power.

Main specification
1. Impact Energy: 300J (the big hammer), 150J (the small one)
2. Scale graduation range and sub-scale range value
Energy range: 0-300J 0-150J
each small grid points value: 2J, 1J
3. Impact speed: ≈ 5.0m / s
4. Angle of the pendulum raises in advance: 135 °
5. Span of sample branch seat: 40mm
6. Radius of arc circle of sample branch seat: R1.0 ~ 1.5mm
7. Arc circle radius of impact knife blade: R2.0 ~ 2.5mm
8. The length of pendulum rod: 800mm
9. Standard sample size: 10 × 10 × 55mm
10. The Size of outline: 1000 × 630 × 1520mm
11. Weight: 320Kg