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DWTT Drop-weight Tear Tester

JL-30000 Drop Weigt Tear Testing Machine


 Scope of application

 JL series of drop hammer impact testing machine is based on GB / T 8363-87applicable to a variety of ferritic steel, in particular, are a variety of pipeline steel DWTT (DWTT). Can also be allocated in accordance with user needs to do different specifications of the hammer and the anvil block for other types of impact test.

Technical Parameter

Specifications:  Model JL-30000

Maximum impact energy: 30000J

Enhance Maximum height: 2800mm

The greatest impact speed: 7.4m / s

Hammerhead radius of curvature :R25±1mm

Anvil radius of curvature: R15.5mm

Hammer and Anvil hardness: HRC58~62

Bearing spacing: 254mm

Deviation of the sample: ± 1mm

Instructions to upgrade a high degree of deviation:  ≤ ± 1mm

Host Dimension: 1200 × 1400 × 5500