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High Low Temperature Test Chamber

WGW-300 High and Low Temperature Testing Chamber (Double-compressor Refrigeration)


1. Inside size: 240×380×430 mm

2.Temperature Range:-70 ºC~300 ºC

3.Temperature Accuracy:0.3%

4. Temperature fluctuation range: ±0.5ºC

5. Temperature uniformity: ±2ºC

6. Speed of cooling: 0.7~1 ºC/min

7. Hollow electric heating glass observation platform

8. Temperature control: PID automatic temperature control

9. Material of outside wall: cold-rolled iron sheet spraying

10. Material of inner wall: stainless steel sheet

11. Insulation material: antiflaming insulation material

12. There are electric heating devices on the edge of doorframe and doorplate to prevent condensation and frost formation when processing low temperature test.

13. Illuminating lamp: one (damp-proof, explosion-proof, locating proper position, outside control switch)

14. Air conditioning system:

       a temperature control: PID automatic temperature control

       b air circulation device: centrifugal fan

       c manner of heating: nickel-chromium electric heater, forced aeration and inner circulation temperature adjustment

       d manner of air cooling: compressor refrigerating

       e temperature measuring transducer: platinum resistor

       f refrigerating compressor: compressor (CFCs) refrigerating (France Tecumseh hermetic fan cooling)

   15. Tightness and reliability: pipeline of cooling system is welded and tightness is reliable

   16. Devices for safety and protection

       a power supply overload and short-circuit protection

       b refrigerating compressor lack-phrase protection

       c ground connection protection

       d over temperature protection

       e refrigerating machine high and low voltage protection