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WEW Computer Screen Hydraulic UTM

WEW-300B Computer Screen Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine


ⅠMain purposes:

WEW-300B series of computer screen hydraulic universal testing machine host adopt cylinder down-setting, which is mainly used for testing of metal materials, non-metallic materials, mechanical properties , it can meet the latest national standard for users’  testing and data analysis, and widely used in scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection studying department.

ⅡFunctions and features:

 1. The use of manual controlled hydraulic valve, driving precision tanks, displacement, deformation control, the completion of pulling, pressure, bending, shear test, satisfy  with the national standard requirements of GB/T228-2002 "metallic materials at room temperature tensile test method "

 2. The adoption of fuel tank under the rear-mounted, chain drive, hydraulic clamping.

3. The use of  the brand computer to complete the course of the experiment testing parameter settings, data acquisition, processing, analysis, storage and display, including the upper and lower yield point, tensile strength, fracture strength, elastic modulus, elongation of the various points, δ0.2 and so on, control measurement precision and accurate.

 4. Equipped with special universal testing machine card and software, dealing with test data statistics, to print a variety of test curves and reports, with curves of amplification, comparison, features intelligent reading times.

 5. Built with a strong test database, can complete preservation, inquiries, call at any time.

 6. Using high-precision amplifiers, 4 or 6 file implementation measurement, automatic switching, accurate and reliable.

 7. with self-test features and improved protection.

Ⅲ Main technical parameters

Model WEW—300B

The Maximum test force (KN) 300KN

Indicating value precision of test force  ±1%

Measurement precision of deformation ±1%

Test force value relative error  Better than the shown ±1%

Max. Tensile space  550mm

Max. compression space  380mm

Grip diameter of round specimen  Φ6-26mm

The thickness of flat specimen grip 0—15mm

Upper and lower platen size (mm) Ф160mm

Down beam adjusting speed 160mm/min

Electronic motor power 2KW

Exterior size of host  850mm×700mm×2000mm

Weight  2000Kg