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WES-1000B Digital Display Universal Testing Machine


WES-1000B Digital Display Universal Testing Machine

Performance introduction:

It can process the test of tensile, compression, bending and cutting of all kinds of metal material as well as the test of compression test of plastics, cement and concrete and other nonmetal material. Adding simple accessories, it also can do a variety of performance tests of belts, chains, steel wires, welding electrodes, tiles and component parts. This machine adopts underlying cylinder, highness is low, and weight is light. it is especially applicable for engineering apartments.

Electronic dynamometry and LCD display test force-time curve, test force, peak value of test force, yield force of material owning obvious yield feature. you can see test data intuitively. You can input sample number, cross sectional area and test tensile strength, yield strength and other mechanical properties. Besides, you also can print test results.

Main technical parameters

Model WES—1000B

The Maximum test force (KN) 1000KN

Measurement range  The whole does not divide classes , equivalent 3 steps  

Test Force Resolution 0.1KN

Test force value relative error  Better than the shown ±1%

Deformation precision  ±0.5%FS

Max. Tensile space  700mm

Grip manner  Manual or automatically grip  

Grip diameter of round specimen  Φ20-60mm

The thickness of flat specimen grip 0—40mm

Max. gripping width of flat specimen  80mm

Upper and lower platen size (mm) 204×204mm

Bending test pressed rolling distance 100~600mm

Piston stroke 200mm

Tensile and compression space between two columns 550mm

Electromotor power of oil pump   1.1KW

Move electromotor power of moving beam  0.75KW

Exterior size of host  890×660×2200

Noise ≤75dB

Weight  2600Kg