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WAW-300B Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine


WAW-300B Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Usages and characteristics:

This machine adopts the electro-hydraulic servo technology, the automatic controlling of the testing force, displacement, speed by the microcomputer, and the full implementation of automation from the experimental data acquisition to processing and printing, the test can be carried out

Highly effective in accordance with national standard of GB228-2002, the sample folder adopts hydraulic chuck; it is easy to operate, safe and reliable. It can not carry out the conventional tests of material pulling, pressing, bending, shear, it also provides a wide range of attachment necessary for the special testing

Main technical parameters:

1. maximum test power: 300KN

2. measuring range: 4%-100%;

3. testing power accuracy: ± 1%

4. maximum distance of tensile space: 550mm

5. round specimen clamp diameter: φ6-26

6. thickness of flat specimen gripping: 0-15

7. two-point space of  the bending testing: 350

8. dimensions :900 × 600 × 2250mm

9. weight: 2.2t.