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DB-30 Power-driven Gauge Length Meter (Striking Machine)

1. Overview

DB-30 Type Power-driven Gauge Length Meter (Power-driven Striking Point Machine) is the special equipment which is designed and made according to stipulation in national standard GB/T228-2002. This machine adopts high-precision ball screw to locate correctly and uses import transducer to collecting rotation signal to drive high-frequency electromagnet to strike point synchronously. Gauge length is correct, high-efficient and easy to operate. It’s the necessary matching equipment for labs.

2. Main technical parameters:

Max. gauge length: 300mm

Interval: 5mm or 10mm (adjustable)

Power source: 220V, 50HZ

Power of motor: 10W

Outline size (L×W×H): 460mm×315mm×450mm

Weight: 25Kg