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DX-5 Gauge Length Meter (Striking Machine)


ⅠBrief introduction

The Gauge length instrument, also known as (RBI machine), which is designed and manufactured in accordance with tensile testing of metallic materials requirements of GB228-2002 and the needs of different users, and it is accurate for , efficient for working , easy to operate and so on, it is an required supporting equipment for laboratories.

ⅡDX-5 Working Principle

It is rotating 360° through a shaft with spiral bands, it can lift Punch, rising and declining vertically at different angles, dotting with the impact of elastic spring, the handle shaking one circle will make a straight line on the specimen, the space of 5 mm, a total of 60 points = 300 mm long.

Ⅲ Main technical specifications

1.The greatest distance of 300 mm

2.The Overall length of 490, 200 wide, 300 millimeters high

3.Net weight of each instrument 22kg