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GW-40B Steel Bar Bending Testing Machine


Ⅰ Overview

GW-40B Type Steel Bar Bending Testing Machines is special equipments which process cold bend tests and plane rebend tests. Its main technical parameters meet GB1499.2-2007, YB/T5126-2003and satisfy the stipulation and requirement of ISO10065:1900 about cold bend tests and plane rebend tests. It is the ideal testing equipment which is used for testing bend or rebend performance of steel bars for Steel industries and Building Units

The steel bar bending testing machine has lots of advantages like tight structure, easy to operate, direct digital display of bend angle, easy maintenance and lubrication, steady and safe running, and low noise and so on.


Ⅱ Technical parameters

Items Technical speciation

Range of diameter of steel bars φ 6-φ40mm

Angle of bend 0°-180° with the arbitrary set

Angle of rebend 0°-180° with the arbitrary set

Rotational speed of worktable 1.4r/min

Distance of roller center 230mm

Diameter of worktable φ 560mm

Power of motor 1.5kw

Outline size of the host 950×740×1200(mm)

weight - 750kg

Ⅲ Accessories

Steel bar bending heart attachments

HRB335 3×Ф6、3×Ф8、3×Ф10、3×Ф12、

3×Ф14、3×Ф16、3×Ф18、3×Ф20、3×Ф22、3×Ф25、4×Ф28、4×Ф32、4×Ф36、4×Ф40(altogether 14 pieces) Equipped with the host

Remark: Other specifications of bend heart set (or bend heart axis), the user can according to their own needs further add money to order.