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Computerized Wood-based Panel Tester

MWD-A Wood-based Panel Universal Testing Machine


MWD-A Series Man-made Panel Universal Testing Machine

Usage and Characteristics

This machine is a special equipment which produced to aim at processing various kinds of physical and chemical indexes performance testing of man-made panel and facing man-made panel. It can process measuring test for surface bonding strength, static bending strength and elastic modul,screw holding capability, internal combinative strength and so on.which can also process necessary tensile, compression, bending, reinforcement, peel testing of man-made panel, aluminum-plastic panel,aluminum material, paper sheet, PVC, metallic ball material, pipe material and other material. This device is the ideal equipment for the manufacturers of man-made panel & wood and quality inspection departments.

Main Technical Parameters

Type                                       MWD-10, 20, 50, 100A

Max.test force Kn                       10, 20, 50, 100

Measuring rangle of force value      2%-100%Fs

Accuracy of test force

Better than ±1% of indicating value (±0.5% is the special selection)

Speed of test                          0.01-500mm/min

Speed accuracy                       Better than ±1%

Space of tensile (Standard)       600mm (up to 1200mm, needing custom-made)

Additional tools for test             Additional tools for surface bonding strength, internal combinative strength, surface combinative strength, static bend strength, elastic module device, screw holding capability (select according to client’s request)

Main Confirguration                   Computer/big LCD display system, stepping or alternating motor, high-precision loading transducer, high-precision screw

Characteristics                          Display test force, deformation, displacement, curves synchronously, the testing software can process data processing, analysis, printing report and so on