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Manual Wood-based Panel Tester

MWD-10B Man-made Panel Universal Testing Machine

Usage and Characteristics

NWD-10B Man-made panel universal testing machine are applied widely in various kinds of companies which produce man-made panel and wood quality inspection departments and can complete every term of testing dynamical performance indicators of plywood, particle board, medium density fiberboard and other panels. At the same time, we can customize all kinds of processing software for testing data and additional tools according to customers providing national and international standards.

Satisfying national standards:GB17657-1999(man-made panel and facing man-made panel physical and chemical indexes performance testing method)

Main Technical Parameters

Max.test force Kn                        10Kn

Class of testing machine               1 Class

Measuring rangle of force value      2%-100%Fs

Accuracy of test force                  ±1%

Displacement measurement           Micrometer Gauge

Speed of test                              Manual load

Effective testing width                  400mm

Space of tensile (Standard)            600mm (up to 1200mm, needing custom-made)

Clamp configuration                     One set of additional tools of static bending strength and elastic module

One set of screw holding capability clamp

One set of internal combinative strength clamp

One set of surface combinative strength and surface bonding strength clamps

One set of bonding strength testing and tensile strength clamps

Dimensions                                 520x450x1000mm