Quenching Testing Machine Quenching Testing Machine
Quenching Testing Machine

DZ-6 Quenching Testing Bench


Ⅰ Instruction

DZ-6 quenching testing bench is used for end-quenching test for laboratory materials. This machine is of elegant shape. The entire rack is bended and welded together using for stainless steel. The part of tanks of an independent welding is placed on the rack. The cooling water automatically cycles from low level to high level, the process of which is used of stainless steel submersible pump for completing, the high utilization of water, and no waste.

Ⅱ Main Parameter

1. The number: 6-position;

2. The diameter of tap nozzle: φ12mm;

3. The height of water column: 65 ± 5mm (adjustable);

4. The distance between the tap and the end of sample:                                12.5mm (adjustable);

5. Sample size: φ25 × 100;

6. Means of water supplied: water pumps, auto-cycle;

7. Six-station can be operated independently and separately;

8. Overall dimension: 1200 × 550 × 1500(mm)