Quenching Testing Machine Quenching Testing Machine
Nonmetal Impact Tester

XJJ-50 Plastc Impact Testing Machine


⑴ Pendulum energy: 7.5J, 15J, 25J, 50J

⑵ Pendulum torque:  7.5J  pendulum PL=3.866Nm            

15J pendulum PL=7.733 Nm

25J pendulum PL=12.889 Nm            

50J pendulum PL=25.777 Nm

⑶ Dial minimum dividing value: 1/100

⑷ Impact speed: 3.8 m/s

⑸ The angle which the balance weight reaches : 160°

⑹ The distance between the rotation role of balance weight and the role of the impact sample: 380mm

⑺ Clamp mouth fillet radius: 1 mm

⑻ Impact blade Angle: 30 °

⑼ Impact blade fillet radius ±: 2 mm

⑽ Quality of the pedestal is more than 40 times the heaviest pendulum and it can adjust level.

⑾ Sample type, size, and the distance between the support line in the list below:  

(Size and requirements of the detailed parameters of Sample refer to the national standard GB/T1043 « hard plastic beam impact test method»)

Performance characteristics

1 This machine relative to the other similar products used the whole casting fuselage and through aging treatment eliminate inside stress, which guarantee the deformation, to avoid the use of steel welding fuselage deformation, absorb energy poor, test error, repeatability tests bad and other characteristics

2 Our company used high grade material or processing for the damageable parts of machine, such as hammer stem using the permeability nitrogen treatment, clamp mouth using heat treatment of bearing steel, impact hammer blade line heat treatment, etc.  

3 The technical parameters of the testing machine are completely accord with GB/T1043-93, ISO179-1992 and JB/T8762 1998 standard requirement. It is a kind of simple structure, convenient operation, and high precision impact test enginery