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Metallographic Microscope

4XC Metallographic Microscope


This metallographic microscope is mainly used for metal identification and analysis of the internal structure of organizations. It is the important device which can be used to study the metallography of metal, and it is also the key instrument to verify the product quality in industrial application. This microscope can be equipped with photographic device which  can take metallographic picture to carry out artifical contrast analysis, image editing, output, storage, management and other functions.


Technical Parameters: 

Three eyepiece tube

Tilting angle: 30°

Adjustable range: 55-75mm


Wide view eyepiece 10X (16mm)

Objective lens

Flat fielding achromatic objective lens

10X, 25X, 40X, 100X (oil)

Loading table

150 x 200mm

Moving range: vertical 15mm, horizontal 15mm

Eyepiece (optional)

12.5X, 16X, 20X, 10X flat fielding graduation eyepiece (grid value 0.1mm)

Objective lens (optional) 60X, 80X

Photographic device (optional)

1. Image adapting lens, high resolution color CCD camera static and dynamic capturing card, image analysis software, EPSON color jet printer  

2. Digital camera, specific adapting lens