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Electronic Impact Specimen Gap Broaching Machine (Three Broaches)developed successful!

Congratulations for our New Product:Impact Specimen UV Notch Cutting Machine (Three Broaches)developed successfully. This machine is designed on the request of an Italian client and it is improved on the base of Impact Specimen UV Notch Cutting Machine (Two Broaches), which is equipped with three broaches and can cut three UV notches at the same time, three U-shape or three V-shape (2mm, or two V-shapes and one U-shape or vise verse.) It can meet the national standard GB/T 229-2007 (Metallic Materials Charpy Notch Impact Test), which can make three notches one time, and also ensure the unity of the broaching gap, the efficiency improved greatly. This machine is equipped with the organic glass shield and sudden switch to make sure the safety of the operator. It is very popular with foreign users and plays a positive role for our further expand to the international market.