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LDW-80T Falling Impact Testing Low Temperatue Chamber


LDW-80T Falling Impact Testing Low Temperatue Chamber

Usage and Characteristics
LDW-80T Type Impact Testing Low-temperature Chamber is newly researched and developed compressor refrigeration equipment according to requirements of low temperature device in GB8363-2007The device adopts refrigeration technology of cascade compressor, taking advantage of the principle of heat balance and loop mixing method to achieve automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature for samples and the temperature indicator can meet the national standard completely. The machine is controlled by intelligent instrument, digital presentation temperature value, automatic control temperature, automatic time and alarm, easy to operate, prompt refrigerating speed, capacious working space, high-precision control temperature, is the ideal device for specimen cooling and heat preservation in the metal low temperature impact test which also can meet American and European standard ASTM E23-02a,EN10045,ISO148,ISO83 and so on.

Main technical parameters



Temperature range(Continuously adjustable settings)( Room temperature 25 ℃)

Room temperature~-80℃

Temperature control accuracy


Cold room volume (length × width × height)(LxWxH)mm




Cabinet Material

Stainless steel

Specimen Quantity

>24(size of sample(length×width):350×70mm,thickness as original material )

Method of refrigeration


Cooling medium

Ethanol or other unfrozen liquid

Supply power



Imported Tecumseh compressor, imported external rotor cooling fan, high precision temperature control
DANFUS Expansion Valve, imported evaporation-condensation machine;
Cover adopts gas spring support, with assisted cylinder, easy to operate;
Upper cover and tank body using imported silica gel plate seal and having effective heat preservation;
Body is made of stainless steel plate;
Equipped with double sample holders;
Internal big stirring motor can stir alcohol uniformly;
The universal wheel facilitates machine moving and operation;
Make sample fully soaked inside the plowing liquid,sample can be fully cooling and uniform.
The equipment only needs AC380V power source,which is energy-saving and environmental protection.