Quenching Testing Machine Quenching Testing Machine
WEW Computer Screen Hydraulic UTM

WEW-2000B Computer Screen Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine


1. Summarize

With the development of national economy and the improvement of science and technology, the performance test of materials has been a necessary part. With the production of new materials and new technology, we also put forward a higher request for material testing machine. This machine adopts B type structure, and reduce the height of tester greatly, which is suitable for the lab that has the upgrading of products. It is applicable to metal tensile, compression, bending test, also used for cement and concrete and other nonmetal materials′ compression and bending test. It can display and print test results and curve, which is the ideal testing equipment to industrial and mining enterprises, the arbitration institute, scientific research units, universities and colleges, project quality supervision department.



2. Main Technical Parameters:

1. Max. Test force:                              2000KN

2. Measurement precision:                        ±1%

3. Measurement range of test force :                2~100%;

4. Extensometer configuration:     gauge length: 50mm  range: 10mm

6.Measurement range of deformation:               2~100%

7. Measurement error of deformation:               ≤±1%

8. Max. distance of tensile collect:                  750mm

9. Max. distance between up and down plate:          550mm

10. Clamping diameter of round sample (mm):         φ20~φ60mm

11. Clamping thickness of flat sample (mm):           0~40mm

12. The distance between two fulcrum of bending test:   50-300mm

13. The dimension between up and down plate:          220×220mm

14. The raise speed of worktable:                      0-45mm/min

15. Outline size of host:                       1250×840×2940mm

16. Outline size of oil source:                   680×590×1580mm

17. Net weight of host:                              7000kg

18. Net weight of oil source:                          250kg


3. Main configuration

1. Host                                           one

2. Computer                                       one

4. Digital display hydraulic source                      one

5. Measuring system                                 one

6. Hydraulic transducer                               one

7. Displacement transducer                            one

8. Printer                                          one

9. Extensometer                                     one

10. Compression device                               one

11. Bend device                                      one

12. Tensile device                                                  one

 (V-type clamp φ20~φ40mm,φ40~φ60mm, plane clamp 0~40mm)