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YES Digital Display Pressure Tester

YES-3000 Compression Testing Machine (Electric Screw)



This machine mainly used for the compressive strength test to brick, stone, cement, concrete materials, which can also be used to other materials compressive performance tests.

The machine adopts hydraulic add load, electronic force measurement, with load digital display, add load rate display, and keep the maximum load value, overload protection and power outages data keep etc.

Technical parameters

Max. testing force 3000KN

Measurement range        4%-100%FS

Relative error of test force value: <±1%

Leading screw adjusting mode Electronic

Add load velocity error ±5%

Motor power 1.1 KW

Pressure plate size 370×370mm

Max. distance between up and below pressure plate     330mm

Max. piston stroke                                        50mm

Piston diameter                                             φ310mm

System work pressure                                  40Mpa

Host dimension(㎜)                                           1000×500×1500

Weight                                                      2000Kg