Quenching Testing Machine Quenching Testing Machine
YAW Electro-hydraulic Pressure Tester

YAW-3000 Automatic Compression Testing Machine



This machine is mainly used for the compression strength test of brick, stone, cement, concrete, etc, also it can be used for other material’s compressive performance test.

Main Technical Parameter

Max. Test Force                                            3000Kn

Test force Measurement Range kN                   4%-100%FS

Test Force indicating Error                              ≤indicating value±1%

Test Force Resolution                                      0.01kN

Hydraulic Pump Pressure Pressure Rated             40MPa

Upper and Lower Pressure Plate Size                 370×370mm

Max.distance between upper and lower pressure plate   330mm

Pinson Diameter                                               φ310mm

Pinson Stroke                                                   50mm

Motor Power                                                  Three Phase 1.1Kw

Weight                                                          1600Kg