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WAW-C Electro-Hydraulic UTM

WAW-1000C Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Servo-controlled Universal Testing Machine


1. Equipment name: Electro-hydraulic Servo-controlled universal testing machine.

2. Model:WAW-1000C

3. Usages and characteristics:

    This machine adopts the electro-hydraulic servo technology, the automatic controlling of the testing force, displacement, speed by the microcomputer, and the full implementation of automation from the experimental data acquisition to processing and printing, the test can be carried out. Highly effective in accordance with national standard of GB/T228-2010, the sample folder adopts hydraulic chuck; it is easy to operate, safe and reliable. It can not carry out the conventional tests of material pulling, pressing, bending, shear, it also provides a wide range of attachment necessary for the special testing.

Ⅳ The main technical parameters:

 1. Max. test power: 1000KN

2. Measuring range: 20-1000kN(full range)

Accuracy class:1 class

Stress rate control range: 1-60MPa/S

5. Test stress rate adjustment range: 1N/mm2S-1-60N/mm2S

6. Deformation measurement accuracy: ±0.5%

7. Displacement measurement accuracy:±0.5%

8. Maximum tensile test space: 1000mm

9. Column spacing:   660 mm

10. Round specimen clamping range: φ13-φ60mm

11. Flate specimen clamping width: 120mm

12. Flate specimen clamping thickness: (0~40)mm

13. Pressure plate size: 205×205mm

14. Bending supporting roller spacing: 160mm

15. Deformation measurement: an extensometer YYU-10/50mm

18. Software and the user interface: WINDOWS operating software and interactive man-machine conversation interface

19. Power: three phase four wire system(380V±10%,50Hz), 2 kw

20. The host dimension:1070×850×2530mm

Weight of the host:  2820kg           Control cabinet: 200 kg