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Stone Material Wear-resisting Tester

SWT-1A Stone Material Wear-resisting Testing Machine

A . Applications:

This stone wear tester according to the national standard of natural granite, marble and other building decoration materials (such as man-made stone, microcrystalline glass, etc.) on abrasion resistance or wear-resisting degree testing special designated equipment. The test machine has a beautiful shape, low noise, working head count (sample holder) and more features.

B. Conform to the standards:

GB/T 9966.4 2001 natural veneer stone test method part 4: abrasion resistance test method

ASTMC 241-90”Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Stone Subjected to Foot Traffic”

C. Technical parameters and specifications:

1, The friction steel wheel diameter: Φ 254 x15mm;

2, The friction steel wheel speed: (45±1)r/min;

3, Millstone work hardness: > HB500;

4, Sample number: 4;

5, Four sample rotation speed are(45±1)r/min;

6, Sample load: 1250g±50g and 2000g±50g

7, Speed preset counter count range:0~999999

8, Balance: the biggest weighing 100 g, feeling quantity 20 mg;

9, Vernier caliper: reading is 0.10 mm;

10, Cylindrical samples: Φ25±0.5mm、Height25-60mm;

11, Square sample:50X50(±0.5)mm

12, Counter: LCD     Six intelligent counter;

13, Rated voltage: Single phase 220V; Rated power: 0.4 kW.

D. Packing list:

1. Stone wear abrasion tester       1set

2. Chuck                       4 pc

3. Abrasive                     1 package

4. Operating manual              1 copy