Quenching Testing Machine Quenching Testing Machine
Vertical Universal Friction and Wear Tester

MMW-1A Vertical Universal Friction and Wear Testing Machine

1.Main uses

It can be used to assess lubricant, metal, plastic, coating, rubber, ceramics and other materials friction and

wear. Not only can satisfy traditional petrochemical industry user research, development, testing a variety of

high-grade series of hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil demand, can also satisfy the new materials, new technology

research development of user simulation evaluation test demand.

2.Main technical parameters:

No.                Descriptions Technology Data

1 Range of test force 10-1000N

2 Test force relative error ±1%

3 Test force long maintained relative error (30min)     ±1%FS

4 Range of friction moment 2.5N.M

5 Friction moment accuracy ±2%

6 Friction arm length 50mm

7 Spindle motor type Servo motor

8 Rang of principle axis rotation speed 1-2000r/min,Stepless speed regulation

9 Media oil, water, slurry, abrasive material

10 Range of sample temperature control room temperature-260℃

11 The precision of temperature control ±2℃

12 Shutdown control Manual/Automatic(Time、Revolutions、Friction torque And so on)