Quenching Testing Machine Quenching Testing Machine
WAW Electro-hydraulic Servo UTM

WAW-1000B Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Servo-controlled Universal Testing Machine

1. Model and name
WAW-1000B Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Servo-controlled Universal
Testing Machine (Six Column)

2. Equipment Usage
This machine adopt the oil cylinder down-setting type, is mainly used for metal,
nonmetal tensile, compression, bending and shear test. Test operation and
data processing in accordance with GB/T 228-2010 "metallic materials tensile
testing" requirement, if change the structure and related parts replacement and
can meet the ASTM, ISO and other international standards requirements. The
machine is suitable for metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, space,
materials, tertiary institutions, scientific research units, etc.

3. Main Technical Parameters:
1. Max. Test force: 1000KN
2. Accuracy levels: 1 class (If add a load sensor for 0.5 class)
3. Measurement range of test force : 1%~100%FS (full scale)
4. Test force value relative error: ≤±1%
5. Test Force Resolution 0.01kN
6. Deformation measurement range 2 to 100% of Extensometer
7. Displacement value relative error: ≤±1%
8. Displacement resolution: 0.01mm
9. Deformation Resolution 0.001mm
10. Clamping method : hydraulic clamping
11. Piston stroke: 250mm
12. The piston movement maximum speed: 100mm/min
13. Maximum tensile test space: 800mm
14. Round specimen clamping range: φ13-φ60mm
15. Plate specimen clamping thickness: 0-40mm
16. Clamping width: 75 mm
17. Maximum compression test space: 700mm
18. Pressure plate size: 205x205mm
19. Bending supporting roller spacing: 200mm
20. Bending supporting roll width: 140mm
21. The host dimension: (1030x800x2700)mm
22. Weight of the host: about 3500Kg
23. Power: 380V,50Hz,2.5KW