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WAW Electro-hydraulic Servo UTM

WAW-1000B Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Servo-controlled Universal Testing Machine

Equipment summary

The computer control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is one versatile product, which can meet the various tests specified in the international standard on the metal tensile test, and can also according to other test standards to achieve tensile test, compression test bending test, shear test, and other kinds of mechanical  performance tests for different kinds of materials and products. During the test, it can achieve closed-loop control such as constant-rate loading, constant-rate deformation, constant-rate displacement, constant-rate strain, etc, and automatically obtain the tensile strength, yield strength, specified non-proportional extension strength, elastic modulus and other properties of the measured materials, and also be used to verify the performance of materials or products. The equipment has the internationally leading design concept, simple operation, stable and reliable performance, and it can maximize to meet the test needs of customers, which is the best choice for various types of metal, non-metallic materials testing. It is suitable for metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, materials, colleges, scientific research units and other fields.


The equipment is driven by hydraulic power source, electro-hydraulic servo control technology, computer data collection and processing, and it is the material testing machine which can realize closed-loop control and automatic testing. After adding special test fixtures, the machine can also complete the test of bolts, nuts and scaffolding components. In the compression space, there add related test fixtures, such as bending test fixture, shear test fixture, splitting test fixture, elastic modulus instruments, etc. accessories, which can be used for the concrete and cement samples corresponding tests. In addition to special fixtures such as steel balls, anchor chains, wire ropes, etc. can complete the various tests of the products.

Technical Parameters

Max. test force


Accuracy level

1 class

Column number

4 columns

Test space

Double space(up for tensile; lower for compression)

Clamping method

hydraulic clamping

Measurement range of test force

2%~100%FS (full scale)

Test force value indicating error


Test force resolution


Test force acquisition frequency

Adjustable, max. up to 1000Hz

Deformation measurement range

1%~100%FS (whole course without division)

Deformation value indicating error


Deformation resolution


Displacement value indicating error


Displacement resolution


Displacement stroke range


Max. speed of Piston movement


Max. tensile test space

680mm (including the piston stroke of oil cylinder)

Distance between two columns


Max. compression test space

560mm (including the piston stroke of oil cylinder)

Outline dimension

(Length × Width × Height)

Machine host: (940×780×2250)mm

Electro-hydraulic servo oil source: (1140×600×855)mm

Whole machine weight

About 3000kg

Power supply

3p, 380V, 50Hz, 3kW