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Brinell Hardness Tester

HBS-3000CT Touch screen digital display electronic Brinell hardness tester


HBS-3000CT touch screen digital display electronic Brinell hardness tester is a high precision, high stability hardness tester, improved mechanical structure, improved stability, 8 inch touch screen and high speed ARM processor, fast computing, rich content, powerful The display is intuitive, the human-machine interface is friendly, and the operation is simple and reliable. Accuracy meets GB/T231.2, ISO6506-2 and American ASTM E10 standards.


Main feature:

1. The body is casted with high-quality cast iron at one time, combined with the car paint treatment process, the appearance is round and beautiful;

2. Convenient control system that can automatically convert the unit of the full hardness scale;

3. Electronic closed-loop control exerts test force, which fully realizes the automatic operation of loading, maintaining and unloading;

4. The maximum and minimum hardness values can be set. When the test value exceeds the set range, an alarm sounds;

5. With software hardness value correction function, the hardness value can be directly corrected within a certain range;

6. With a database function, the test data can be automatically grouped and saved, each group can save 10 data, and can save more than 2000 data;

7. With the display function of hardness value curve, it can directly display the change of hardness value;

8. Configure wireless Bluetooth printer, and output data through RS232 and USB interface;

9. Optional CCD image processing system;



Measuring range


Test force

62.5kgf(612.9N), 100kgf(980.7N), 125kgf(1225.9N),

187.5kgf(1838.8N), 250kgf(2451.8N), 500kgf(4903.5N),

750kgf(7355.3N), 1000kgf(9807N), 1500kgf(14710.5N), 3000kgf(29421N),

Loading method

Electronic loading

Max. height of test piece


Indenter center to machine wall distance


Hardness value resolution


Minimum step distance


Touch screen size

8 inches

Power supply

AC220V, 50Hz


700 * 270 * 930mm