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CSL-Y Impact Specimen Gap (double knives) Hydraulic Broaching Machine

Usage and Characteristics

Impact specimen gap broaching machine is necessary and special equipment of metallurgy, pressure vessel,vehicles and vessels, construction machinery manufacture industries and departments of science&research.So far this kind of machine includes impact specimen gap manual broaching machine(single knife),impact specimen gap power-driven broaching machine(double knives), impact specimen gap power-driven broaching machine(three knives), impact specimen gap hydraulic broaching machine(double knives),and so on.This product satisfies GB/T229-2007which also can satisfy American standard, European standard like ASTM E23-02a,EN10045,ISO148,ISO83 and other international standards.


Main technical parameters

Gap: V2 type (GB/T 229-2007), U2, U3, U5 type (GB/T 229-2007)

             (2mm type is with machine, 3, 5mm type is alternative)

Journey of broach: V2,U2,U3, 350mm

                 U5 400mm

Broaching Speed: 2.5m/min

Specimen size:(10,7.5,5)×10×55mm

Way of driving: hydraulic

Broach material: W18Cr4V

Dimensions: (660×500×1240)mm

Supply power: 380V 50Hz  0.37 kW

Weight: 200kg



1. It adopts hydraulic drive, run steadily. It can ensure geometric accuracy of gap.

2. It makes use of the principle of one-time-molding.Its processing identity is very good. It can assure gap 100 percent qualified.

3. The broaching knife is made of imported W18Cr4V material. Its hardness is high and its wear-resistance is excellent. Each broaching knife can process up to 20,000 specimens.

4. It is equipped with double-pole and processes two specimen gaps simultaneously with a “V” type and a “U” type (also two “V” or two “U” type). Whether processing “V” or “U” notch, the pole do not need changing. Processing specimen gap only needs 8 seconds.

5. It is equipped with special lubrication device which has good lubricity to avoid damaging broaches. The inside of equipment has recycling box for iron chips to facilitate clearance.